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Multi Drug Test - Saliva Professional Grade

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Highly Accurate Saliva Drug Tests

Cocaine/Benzodiazepine Methamphetamine

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Hair Drug Testing Kits Professional Grade

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Hair Drug Testing

Testing a hair sample for common drugs


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Cocaine Drug Tests

Hair Drugs Testing For:

Cocaine, Amphetamine (speed), Opiates (codeine, morphine, heroin), Phencyclidine (PCP), and Cannabis (Marijuana, THC)

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Hair Drug Testing is fast becoming a very effective, reliable and highly accurate means of testing for the signs of drug abuse within an individual. Hair Drug Testing is the most accurate and effective method of finding users of drug abuse allowing us to look back at several months of 'history' by examining the hair follicles.

Drugs Test Direct can send you a discreet, plain packaged kit which contains full easy user instructions for collection of the hair sample. It is then sealed and returned to us where we will send it on to our testing laboratory for a full analysis by a forensic scientist.

We can test a hair sample, extremely accurately for cocaine, amphetamine (speed), opiates (codeine, morphine, heroin), phencyclidine (PCP), and cannabis (marijuana, THC) - the standard 5 panel hair test will test for all these drugs simultaneously.

The results of the test are admissible in Court as they are from an approved laboratory.

Why Hair Testing ?

Quite simply, urine testing, whilst accurate, will only tend to look back over a period of days or perhaps a few weeks meaning that most drugs become undetectable if the urine test is carried out more than a few days after use of a drug.

We only need approximately a 3-4cm length of hair and can then analyse the strands for signs of abuse which will look back over a 3 month period. If no head hair is available then we can analyse any body hair providing there is a sufficient quantity submitted to us - Our kits contain full EASY to follow instructions.

Effectively, every half an inch of hair will provide a 30 day history of drug use.

We can test head hair or if there is insufficient hair, then body hair (armpit or pubic region) can also be tested.

What Affects The Result ?

Shampoo, hair bleach, cigarette or cannabis smoke has no known effect on the results of a hair test - highly accurate.

The results will be provided to you by our fully compliant UKAS laboratory in a report format which can be used in Court for child protection, access issues etc etc.


All Drug Tests are dispatched in plain, unmarked, discrete packaging to an address of your choice.

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This test, whilst expensive is a fraction of the cost of other hair drugs tests offered by many companies with most offering a 'quote' in the region of £450 - ours is just £275.

£275.00 inc Free Shipping

Please ensure that any hair sample is returned to us within 4 weeks of receipt of the hair test kit as we book laboratory slots which are pre-paid and expire if not used within 28 days.

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